Start Your Journey To Finer Leatherworking
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Start Your Journey To Finer Leatherworking

Avoid the common mistakes and ineffective practices so that you can make not just leather goods but luxury leather goods.

Are you looking to:

  • Make your work as professional as possible w/o a ton of commercial equipment.
  • Finish edges on a luxury belt and wallet for both vegetable and chrome tan leather.
  • Push yourself to do better quality work on watch straps, belts and wallets.
  • Learn better techniques rather than stumbling through ‘self-taught’ practices.
  • Try out better tools like the ones you’ve seen but never knew how to use like an edge creaser and get guidance on how to use them.

Our range of courses are for leather goods makers looking to jumpstart their mastery of the fundamentals of luxury leathers goods making. They include training, tips and tricks to make better leather belts, wallets, accessories and handbags.

Sean Aquino

I’m Sean Aquino, founder of Fine Leatherworking. We’ve been offering premium tools, materials and the knowledge on how to use them since 2012.

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