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Krispel Box Calf: Black

Krispel Box Calf: Black
Krispel Box Calf: Black Krispel Box Calf: Black
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Krispel Box Calf:
Strong Smooth Look That Retains A Natural Feel

Thickness: 1.3 - 1.5mm; 3.5 – 4 oz

This hearty leather is Perlinger’s answer to the demand for high quality, smooth box calf. Each hide has been hand finished to achieve a satin-like surface. Other box calf leathers can feel plastic-like and bland, but Krispel hides have a subtle texture to give a more organic feel to the surface. Krispel is also a more water and wear resistant hide, making it an excellent choice for handbags and other everyday items.


These hides start as a full grain calf and are hand finished and glazed to achieve the iconic box calf smooth sheen. They are combination tanned hides with the color running through the full thickness of the leather.

Thickness and Temper

1.3-1.5mm in thickness. This is equivalent to 3.5-4 oz or 7/128 – 1/16 of an inch (0.0551" – 0.0625"). The feel of the leather is firm and smooth. These Krispel Box Calf hides have a stiff temper and are fairly rigid but light in weight.

Leather Texture Close-up

Krispel Box Calf Leather Hides Close-up

Krispel Box Calf Leather Hides Close-up