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Flat Awl Handle

Flat Awl Handle
Flat Awl Handle Flat Awl Handle Flat Awl Handle
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Leatherworkng Flat Awl Handle

A good sewing awl handle like these should have a flat side that help orient your blade to the stitch. These turned boxwood are super sturdy yet very light; a great combination for awl material since they are used a lot in leather sewing.  Vergez-Blanchard sewing awls finely crafted and  will endure years of service.

Our boxwood awl handles have brass fittings at the end of the shaft and come predrilled with a hole for setting the blade.  When setting the blade, be sure to angle it so that the flat is facing toward you.

We offer three flat awl handle sizes:

Small - 8.3cm long, 3.3cm wide
Medium - 9.2cm long, 3.4cm wide
Large - 11.5cm long, 3.7cm wide

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