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Screw Crease

Screw Crease
Screw Crease Screw Crease
Price: $67.00
Availability: On Back Order 3-4 Weeks [vb]

This is a versatile tool with an adjustable screw that allows you to vary the distance between the two creaser edges. A screw crease can be used as a single crease with one head riding along the edge of your piece or as a double creaser.

Creasers can be used by themselves or heated to produce lines on leather surfaces. The result is a much more refined looking edge.

Cornette a Jonc Manche Buis

8” long overall
7/8" long edge surface on each head

If used with heat, check the screw often to prevent gumming up and locking. We recommend to open the creaser no more than 1/4"

Tags: tools