The Work of Jack Holland

This week we bring to you the work of Jack Holland, a master craftsman who has been working with leather for nearly 70 years. Jack spends a long time, up to four weeks on each of creations using only hand-tools. The quality and uniqueness of his work has captured the attention of an impressive range of clients including three former US Presidents.

From his site:

At the age of ten, Jack apprenticed for a saddle- maker and passionately studied the craft. His own leather designs were initially born out of necessity: Finding no suitable bags for his frequent trips to Africa in the 1970s, he created his own safari bag. In 2013, he launched his own line of leather boxes under the J.M. Holland name and today he has a cult following of clients seeking the finest leather goods with a touch of whimsy and an eye for impeccable detail.

You can find out more about Jack and see his work at

Butterfly Box


Presidential Dice Set






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