Video: In Search of Original Craftsmanship

Today’s post is a video from MyVan’s new “Original Craftsmen” series, which follows one man’s travels around the world in search of true craftsmanship and the artisans behind it. This first episode in the series highlights leather craftsman Garvan De Bruir and his approach to a handmade messenger bag.

While many readers will be familiar with all of the techniques he is using, we found it interesting that Garvan opted to use a block plane for larger skiving. In order for that to work, you would need to use fairly firm-tempered leather – something like a 4-5 oz. hide of Chromexcel or any other veg-tan side.

If you want to poke around on YouTube, there are several other videos in the series that I think you might find interesting as well, such as this one on how to make a stool from leftover wood.

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