Video: The Life and Work of Christian Marsh

Today’s post is a video sent to us by a reader that documents the life and work of Christian Marsh, an artist and leather artisan who has overcome a series of major obstacles in his life to find happiness and success with his business. Once you start watching it, you’ll immediately realize that Christian Marsh is an unconventional guy both in the range of work that he does and the method by which he makes things. What I love about this video is how it highlights that melding of personality, style and technique and how it shows itself in the way an artist talks, acts and does their work.

The other inspiring part of this video is that it is self-produced. While at times it can feel homey, I think that is part of what makes it compelling. If you watch the video, you’ll learn about the challenges that he has overcome in not only producing the video and the artwork made during shooting but also what he had to overcome to get where he is today.

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