Videos: Combining Innovation with Functional Aesthetics

Today’s post is a collection of three videos. The first and third videos show two different approaches to leather tooling and demonstrate how much space there is for creative freedom in customizing the final design.

The first video, from Geye Leather Studio, takes a youthful and colorful approach to leather carving, with the third video, from Bruce Cheaney, demonstrating a slightly more mature and traditional perspective on the practice. Both are fine examples of combining innovation with functional aesthetics.

The second video in this post, from Jbird Collective, is an example of an innovative twist on a classic design that’s both completely functional and totally original. Check out the video to get a peek at the world’s only leather sunglasses!

Geye Leather Studio


Jbird Collective


Bruce Cheaney


For additional direction on ‘thinking outside the box’ and embracing your creative capacity, check out our earlier post on exploring new designs.

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