Calf Leather: Dark Brown


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Pebbled Dark Brown 3oz Calf Skin Leather Hide

Three hide cut choices- perfect any size project or for trying out new material

Fine grained and velvety smooth, calfskin is soft, delicate and refined. Calf, as the name implies, usually comes from younger animals and has a smaller grain pattern that is much more blemish free than regular leather. This dark brown is one of the tannery’s most popular colors with a deep rich tone.

Our calf leather comes from one of the best tanneries in France and is owned by a well known luxury brand. For over 150 years, this tannery in the south of France has had a history of being worker owned and run. As a result, this tannery developed a reputation for uncompromising dedication to high quality.

Over the years, the tannery has only updated their techniques to eliminate carcinogenic materials, making these these hides both high grade and more eco-friendly. The tannery’s process is very well maintained and every hide can be traced back to the farmer and the cow that produced them.

All of our calf leather is full grain without any buffing, splitting or correcting. This means that only the clearest skins make the grade and all of the details and grain are the natural features of the hide.

This particular type of calf is milled (mildly drum tumbled) to acheive a rich pebble grain that is also a full grain hide. Our leather combines the a rich texture and the velvety feel of calf with the additional strength of full grain leather. This same leather is used for luxury handbags, shoes, and accessories.

Hide Cuts

Hide Cuts

Hide Cuts

We offer three types of hide sections to match your project needs.


One side of a hide. This is half of a whole hide split at the top (the back). It runs from the neck to the rear and is composed of a single shoulder, a bend and belly. 10-13 square feet

Single Bend plus

We offer calf bends which includes the what is traditionally a single bend but also includes the belly underneath the bend. 7-9 square feet.

Double Shoulders

Our offer of calf shoulders includes the what is traditionally a single shoulder but also the foreshank which is usually part of the belly. 6-8 square feet.


These hides are sourced from a very small selection of French cattle. The tannery has such a strong relationship with their ranchers that they can trace every hide back to the exact farm and cattle that it came from. Only the hides with the best surface quality are selected. They are produced sustainably and will be available in limited quantities. These three factors mean that the cost per square foot is higher than commodity leathers.


We don’t add any handling fees to our leather price and we offer free shipping to US destinations.


As with all of our products, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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Calf Leather Cuts

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