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Pricking Wheels are used to mark stitches along a curved line or where using a pricking iron is impractical. They are also a great compliment to pricking irons which produce straight lines. Pricking wheels can be used instead of the 2 tooth iron, especially where there is a very long and gradual curve. The Doldokki pricking wheels are not like the normal overstitch wheels that you often see. Each tooth is very sharp and creates a diagonal line instead of a point.

Pricking wheels are usually used just to make impressions for stitches, but they will also create marks that go all the way through on softer or thinner leather. The pricking wheels themselves are also interchangeable, so you can swap out new or different sized wheels to suit your needs.


When comparing Korean and French pricking iron or wheel sizes, use the conversion list below:

2.5mm = Number 11
2.7mm = Number 10
3.0mm = Number 9
3.4mm = Number 8
3.8mm = Number 7
4.0mm = Equivalent to Number 6.5
4.5mm = Number 6
5.0mm = Equivalent to Number 5.5

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The award winning tool company, Doldokki has been innovating and modernizing tool designs in Korea since 2007. Founded by an automotive designer, they quickly established a reputation for high quality, beautiful tools.

These sleek, ergonomic tools use a variety of exotic hardwoods include ebony, rosewood, cocobolo and Lignum Vitae. The range of woods used helps to give each hand made tool more unique characteristics. They are made from SKD11 (D2) steel that is masterfully hardened to 60 Rc and shaped to its final dimensions. The semi-stainless finish and greater hardness ensures better wear and retention of sharp edges.

Each tool is hand-made in short production runs and comes ready to use immediately for your leather crafting needs.

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