How To Choose The Best Thread For Finer Leather Work


Recently a Reddit user asked what is the best thread to use for fine work. Many people wrote in to say that our thread was at the top of their list. If you’re looking to improve your work, here are some thread- related tips to help: Stitching consistency is the most important thing No matter […]

What To Look For When Sharpening A Knife


(this is the second article in a mini-series on sharpening, view part one here) In the last post, I wrote about how to add sharpening to your leatherworking practice and how to transition from using disposable blades to sharpenable knives. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and practice this skill, congratulations! You will be learning a […]

How A $2 Knife Helped Me Sharpen A $50 Knife


This is part one of a short series on sharpening. I sometimes check different leatherworking forums to see what people are doing and saw a post about someone having trouble sharpening a L’Indispensable knife. They went into detail about the different ways they had tried sharpening, they had looked at guides and videos online and tried […]

A Nice Overview of Making Watch Straps

Making Watch Straps

This Making of a Watch Strap article on is a great overview of not only making straps but also how leather is layered together on the ‘face’ and back sides.  Author Mark Bernado also covers edging and the long process to great finished edges.  It’s exactly how we finish edges and the 15+ step […]

Western Leather Academy

Western Leather Academy

Award winning saddlemaker and French native, Pedro Pedrini does amazing work in custom high end saddles. His work is highly coveted by riders and ranges from saddles to silversmithing and other leather goods. Pedro also teaches several courses in saddlemaking in Maryville, CA (about 1 hour north of Sacramento) which range from a full 10 […]

Hermes Hearts and Crafts

hermes hearts and crafts

No doubt many of you have seen this video but for those who haven’t, it’s a great documentary on the craft of leatherworking. Trailer Full 45 minute video at Hermes Hearts and Crafts.

Customer Creations May 2013

Customer Creations May 2013

Customer Leathercraft creations [instagram url=’’ size=’large’ addlink=’yes’] [instagram url=’’ size=’large’ addlink=’yes’] [instagram url=’’ size=’large’ addlink=’yes’] This one I made: [instagram url=’’ size=’large’ addlink=’yes’]

Updated Saddle Stitch Video

updated saddle stitch video

I received an update from Nigel who made another saddle stitch with more details. Thank you very much. That’s very kind of you. If it helps, the Saddle Stitch in More Detail covered both left and right hand stitching, also corners, back stitch and a few other bits. This video is just left handed. Have […]