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Sewing Tower

An easier way to hand-sew boxes, cases and more complex leather projects. Use the Sewing Tower to hold your work in the positions and angles that you need.

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Latest Blog Posts

Instagram Highlights: The Many Ways to Make a Card Wallet

I love Instagram. When I’m feeling stuck or uninspired in the middle of a project, scrolling through the feeds of some of the best leatherworkers in the world gives me a lot of motivation to keep going. Some people use Instagram like any other social media account, but for me, a curated feed of high-end […]

The Traditional French Saddle Stitch (And How to Watch Youtube Videos in Another Language)

I’ve posted a few times on saddle stitching for leather and, if you’re like me, it’s interesting to see all of the subtle variations on the technique. One leatherworking tradition can do things one way while another will do something slightly different or even the complete opposite. I love learning about the differences because it […]

Video: Decades of Exploring Leatherworking Designs

Today’s post is a video that really made me think a little more about the benefits of exploring new designs, in addition to the satisfaction that comes in working with your hands. Neil MacGregor and Valerie Michael began their leatherworking careers in the early 70’s, setting out with a clear intention to create fine leather […]

Modern Leatherworking Tools from Doldokki

The award winning tool company, Doldokki, has been innovating and modernizing tool designs in Korea since 2007. If you’ve ever dreamed of combining the aesthetics of BMW or Porsche with leatherworking tools, Doldokki tools makes that dream a reality. Fine Leatherworking is Doldokki’s exclusive North American representative and we’re proud to offer their full line of tools.

Exclusively Available:

Shrunken Calf Leather Hides

Get the same leather hides that are used to make the top luxury leather goods and find out what goes into making these high quality shrunken calf hides.

Supersew MBT Polyester Sewing Thread for Leather

Produced by 100-year-old company, Nagai Yoriito, Supersew MBT is new in-bonded polyester sewing thread for hand-sewing and machine sewing leather. It combines the features of their other products into an affordable synthetic thread that is brilliant in look, durable and comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

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