Make the Fine Leather Goods of Your Dreams

Fine Leatherworking is for designers, artists and dedicated enthusiasts who are passionate about making high-end leather goods. We offer the best tools, materials and information to help you make the leather goods of your dreams.

Do you love giving handmade gifts instead of store bought ones that everyone has? Do you enjoy working with your hands and the challenge of making something? Or do you dream of opening your own shop; perhaps becoming your own boss and creating handcrafted briefcases, bags and wallets.

Getting Good Enough to Make Designer Leather Goods is Not as Hard as You Think

Sometimes the most difficult part in leatherworking is getting support and knowledge to create fine leather goods. It can be challenging to find proper tutorials with in-depth explanations such as when to use a certain technique and how it relates to the overall craft. At every stage, leatherworking has many challenges like:

  • What thread and leather should I choose?
  • How do I create a pattern for my bag design?
  • Where can I learn to create professional looking edges?

When you read our blog, you’ll get the tutorials and inspiration that you need to start creating your own finely crafted leather goods. Becoming good at leathercraft is not as hard as you think. You can solve many construction challenges with just a few key tips.

Imagine one day seeing someone at the mall carrying one of your own crafted handbags and the pride knowing that they value it and that you created it. I want to help you get there.

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