Fjord Calf Accessory Grade

We have partnered with the German tannery Perlinger to bring you exclusive access to shrunken calf hides. They are used world-wide by bespoke leather goods makers and the top leather goods companies. Products made from shrunken calf are some of the most highly-valued and sought after leather goods available.

What does Accessory Grade Mean?

Our main offering of shrunken calf hides are considered ‘handbag’ grade. This means large, unblemished areas to work with throughout the hide. The hides offered on this page are considered by the tannery to be accessory grade hides. These hides have a few marks on the surface; far far fewer that what most tanneries consider their ‘A’ grade. Perlinger Leather, in its extreme adherence to quality marks these hides as accessory grade and we are able to offer them at a slightly lower cost.