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Strap Sewing Clam Insert

Strap Sewing Clam Insert
Strap Sewing Clam Insert Strap Sewing Clam Insert
Price: $99.00
Availability: On Back Order 3-4 Weeks [vbsc]

As its name implies, this jig is for holding round straps in your sewing clam. There is a lip on each side of the jig which registers at the top of your sewing clam which helps hold it in place while sewing.  A strap clam helps you to minimize the pressure on the handle and not flatten it.

Comes with a 14mm hole which you can adjust by placing leather shims inside to shrink the diameter. Use it for bag handles or any type of leather round where you need to hand sew the handle but maintain a round shape.


  • Lip for holding it steady in a clam or pony
  • 14mm diameter hole
  • Hinge to keep it together when releasing
  • Wide span for longer sewing
  • Protects the shape of your handle while sewing
Tags: tools, sewing