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Made to the same high standards as the rest of Blanchard’s tools, this round awl for leatherworking will be a workhorse in your tool collection.

There are two uses for round awls:


When you back stitch in hand sewing leather you are sewing over existing stitches and there is thread already in the stitching marks. It is not good to pierce that thread with the backstitch otherwise you will weaken it. It’s also not good to open the stitch holes much further. A round awl is useful because, unlike a sewing awl which is a wider diamond shape, it is a small point that you can use to find the space around the existing stitch and go over it instead of through it. A small round point also stretches the stitch hole less than the diamond shaped awl.


Marking awls are used for pre-marking leather for cutting, stitching, patterns and other instances where you need small inconspicuous marks during construction.

You may want to use different round awls for backstitching and marking since the former requires the awl to maintain a small tip.

Alene Ronde 05 cm Emmanchee
4cm exposed blade length
2mm blade diameter

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