Create Professional Edges With the Electric Creaser From Fine Leatherworking

The quality of edges on a bag is a sign of true leatherworking craftsmanship. There are only a few shortcuts to get professional-looking results, and a small mistake can blemish an otherwise perfect-looking edge. Our Electric Edge Creaser for leather helps you to create a high-grade edge that both looks great and is durable.

Professional-Looking Finished Edges

When you leave leather edges unfinished, they make a project look rougher and less refined. Unfinished edges are also more susceptible to wear and tear. By heat finishing an edge with wax or paint, it creates a barrier against abrasions and a smooth finish that elevates the quality of a project.

Luxury goods makers around the world have used this machine for decades to create luxury quality results. Among the many companies that use this machine are Louis Vuitton and Hermes. You can see them in action in the famous Hermes: Hearts and Crafts film.

Save Time Without Compromising Quality

This creaser is one of the few ways to consistently produce edges in a fraction of the time that it normally takes. Normally you have to heat an iron with a flame or ceramic heater, and then wait for it to reheat after every use. A manual iron can also produce inconsistent results because of varying temperature and char building up on the iron.

An electric edge creaser helps you to create a very smooth edge on your leather by using a constant and consistent heat source to power an iron.

Edge Finishing Options To Suit Your Preferred Technique

The iron not only runs over the side of your work, but also on the top, creating a small line. The heated edge contracts the leather and melts your wax and paint into the edge of the leather to make it stronger, and it also gives it a smoother look. If you prefer to have just the edges heat treated, you can do this as well.

You can also get additional irons that allow you to do advanced edging techniques, including heat smoothing, when working in wax. Additionally, you can do things like polishing and raising textured grain, creasing additional decorative lines and finishing belt holes and other punched holes.


Three Options To Match Your Specific Needs

You can choose between a single creaser with one handle/wand or a double creaser with higher maximum heat and two handles. If you already own a creaser, you can get additional accessories to expand the versatility of this machine.