Diamond Stitching Chisel Iron Ten Teeth (mm)


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The ten tooth diamond chisel stitching iron helps you to create consistent straight stitching rows. Straight stitches can make the difference between average and great looking handmade leather goods. Pair this iron with a two tooth iron for curves so that you can tackle nearly any leather sewing project.

These diamond chisel stitching irons are precision ground to perfection. They have a range of spacing options from 2.7mm to 5mm between each tooth.

Whether you buy your diamond chisel stitching irons here or elsewhere, be sure to choose the same teeth per inch for your other irons.


Diamond Stitching Chisels provide an alternate shaped hole from the traditional ‘straight slash’ of a pricking iron. While some people prefer the diamond shape of the stitching marks, they are commonly lower end tools with inconsistent spacing. These Diamond Stitching Chisel Irons are made with the same accuracy and quality as our regular pricking irons and provide more consistent stitch spacing and cleaner marks.

These Diamond Stitching Chisels are set with multiple teeth in a row, making it easier to produce beautiful straight lines of stitches. Diamond stitching chisels can mark the leather deeper than a wheel and make it easier to follow up with your leather awl when sewing. Using a diamond stitching chisel also helps maintain the sharpness of your sewing awl since the irons are doing most of the work.


When comparing Korean and French pricking iron or wheel sizes, use the conversion list below:

2.7mm = Number 10
3.0mm = Number 9
3.4mm = Number 8
3.8mm = Number 7
4.0mm = Equivalent to Number 6.5
4.5mm = Number 6
5.0mm = Equivalent to Number 5.5

The award winning tool company, Doldokki has been innovating and modernizing tool designs in Korea since 2007. Founded by an automotive designer, they quickly established a reputation for high quality, beautiful tools.

These sleek, ergonomic tools use a variety of exotic hardwoods include ebony, rosewood, cocobolo and Lignum Vitae. The range of woods used helps to give each hand made tool more unique characteristics. They are made from SKD11 (D2) steel that is masterfully hardened to 60 Rc and shaped to its final dimensions. The semi-stainless finish and greater hardness ensures better wear and retention of sharp edges.

Each tool is hand-made in short production runs and comes ready to use immediately for your leather crafting needs.

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