Perlinger Calf Leather Hides, Exclusively Available Through Fine Leatherworking

Perlinger Calf Leather Hides, Exclusively Available Through Fine Leatherworking


We have partnered with the German tannery Perlinger to bring you exclusive access to their full line of calf hides. Top leather goods companies use calf to make some of the most highly valued and sought after leather goods available.

What we love about this tannery is that they produce each of their leather lines with a distinct feel, what they call the “Perlinger Touch.” Leathers like Alpine have a subtler feel, while Fjord emphasizes bold grain patterns. The different leather types lend themselves to a wide range of designs.

Detailed Finishing

What gives each type of calf hide their distinctive look are the finishing processes, many of which are done by iron. The hand-finishing details include:

  • Glazing – is a time consuming process where the full grain surface of the leather is polished. Usually reserved for exotics like alligator, glazing adds shine to the leather and makes the color more uniform.
  • Hand Ironing– After dyeing, each hide is ironed by hand to help create color consistency. When ironing is done by a machine, it can lead to splotchy spots on the leather. However when the ironing is done by hand, an operator can vary the application to ensure a uniform color.
  • Handboarding– is done when the leather is rolled with a curved board covered in cork producing an accentuated grain.

Three Distinct Calf Hide Options

We’re pleased to offer three of the top calf leather hide-types from Perlinger. They all share the same excellent production qualities and hand-finished attention to detail.

Pre-order single hides by Saturday October 1st to get your choice of hide style and color.