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Our one tooth pricking iron allows you to make single stitch marks. This is especially useful when creating stitches at corners where the larger irons don’t end exactly at the corner. You can also use a single tooth iron where you need to make a small line of stitches that need to be custom spaced to fit with the design of your piece.

We carry both the regular and the reverse direction iron.

In the small town of Romilly sur Andelle in Northern France, the Vergez-Blanchard company has been making leather tools for over 190 years.

Each Blanchard Pricking iron is made using a traditional steel forging process. You’ll see evidence of this in how every tooth has been individually sharpened and also how each tool has been shaped, buffed and stamped with the Blanchard name.


Pricking irons or stitching irons are a superior method for marking stitches for hand sewing leather.

Normally stitching wheels are used in the US but the more traditional pricking iron will often give you better results. Pricking irons are set with multiple teeth in a row making it easier to produce beautiful straight lines of stitches. They can mark the leather deeper than a wheel and makes it easier when you follow up with your leather awl when sewing. This also helps maintain the sharpness of your sewing awl since the irons are doing most of the work.

Griffe a Frapper a Dents No. 0, 1 Dent
Number 0, One Tooth
3/64″ tooth length along the diagonal
4 7/8″ length

If you’re new to pricking irons, be sure to check out our blog post on pricking iron basics.

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Dimensions 2 × 6 × 1 in
Teeth Direction