Shrunken Calf 2-3oz Panels


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Shrunken Calf 2-3oz Panels

We’re pleased to now offer 2-3oz thick shrunken calf panels. If you have wanted to use shrunken calf for smaller projects or thinner components, these panels are for you.

  • The panels are split to 2-3 oz. an ideal thickness to maintain the same grain texture but thin enough for wider applications such as small accessories.
  • You can use them in larger projects and add a leather lining, with our chèvre hides for example, and not have the sides of your piece be too thick.
  • We used a very precise high-end splitter to give these panels a consistent thickness and not damage the natural grain of the leather.

Shrunken calf hides come from the tannery at a minimum thickness of 6-7 oz. The processes that give these hides their coveted quality and texture prevent them from being split thinner. These softer hides are very difficult to split on personal skivers and splitters. Previously if you wanted this leather to be thinner, you had to be a large company or someone with access to a precision splitter.

You’ll now be able to leverage the beautiful texture of shrunken calf for even more delicate and small projects without the need to get a splitting machine.

You Get a Little Bit More in Every panel

Choose from three sizes of split shrunken calf leather panels: 12×24, 12×22 and 12×18 inches; perfect for making accessories or bag components. All of the panels actually exceed the stated length because we ran them to the edge of the hide so every piece comes with a little extra material for you.

Accessory Product

Matching Three-Inch Strap Lengths

In addition to the split panels, we cut three-inch strap lengths from the hides we used. This is so you can get a full thickness piece to make a strong strap or accompanying belt. It is cut from the center of the hide, the strongest and least stretchy part. Because we used most of the hide for panels, these strap lengths are in limited quantity.

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Weight 16.00000001411 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in
Leather Panels

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