Finding a Helping Hand For Leatherworking Production

Many of our customers make a living doing leatherworking. We often get inquiries from these same customers looking for help finding new staff, such as studio assistants, production freelancers or even designers.

Sometimes when our businesses grow, we are unprepared for the additional work volume. More than one person has told me about how sudden success is both exhilarating and stressful.

We do our best to connect people on both ends of seeking gigs and looking for help, but I don’t quite know everyone yet in the leatherworking world. In order to better serve our community I’d like to survey our readers:

If you have a project that needs an additional hand or if you have an open position in your studio, please let us know here.

And if you’re looking for a gig or work in leatherworking, please let us know here.

I think most of our readers of Fine Leatherworking are into… well fine leatherworking so we’ve built a unique community of skilled leather goods makers. What better place to find someone to help you or to help someone out on higher caliber work.

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