Just a quick post to help out some fellow leatherworkers in their project. Gibb Brownlie and Freyja Thayer have a small company that is trying to make a big offering in the form of a leather wrap for drinking vessels.  Their video on Kickstarter did a full meta in it’s Portlandia-esque style while also conveying the great attention to detail they had in every aspect of production. Here’s more from Freyja Thayer:
I’ve been working with leather for about 7 years.  I love it because it’s long lasting, durable and it smells great. Also it’s one of the few things that just looks better with age.  I have a JUKI LU-563 industrial walking foot sewing machine.  It can sew through just about anything like butter.   We hand cut our pieces with a utility knife. It can be pretty labor intensive after a day of cutting.  We do hope to buy a Clicker press soon and have dies made to cut out our pattern pieces.  After making many proto-types we decided to add a 1/8” stitch around the edge of the leather.  The stitching keep the leather from stretching in places we don’t want it to stretch.  After everything is stitched we assemble the chug-a-lug with antique brass rivets and slide it onto the jar.  In the end we just want to send out really well made products that will last a lifetime and most importantly cut down on disposable cups.
 You can view (and support) their Chug-a-lug project here.

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