Videos: How to Make a Messenger Bag

Today’s post is a collection of two videos from Nigel Armitage, a well-known figure in the leatherworking world who’s famous for both his craftsmanship and his clear and concise teaching. Nigel is a great go-to resource for leather goods makers around the world and has inspired a great many beginners and professionals alike through his popular Youtube channel.

Nigel has been featured on our blog in a few other posts in the past, but because we’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about the specifics of bag construction, we thought this would be a good opportunity to share a few of his videos that have helped us in the past.

When watching the videos below, notice the ease and precision with which Nigel demonstrates a clean saddle stitch in addition to his advice on how to reinforce and strengthen the gusset at the top of the bag.

How to Make a Messenger Bag: Part One

How to Make a Messenger Bag: Part Two

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