Western Leather Academy

Award winning saddlemaker and French native, Pedro Pedrini does amazing work in custom high end saddles. His work is highly coveted by riders and ranges from saddles to silversmithing and other leather goods.

Pedro also teaches several courses in saddlemaking in Maryville, CA (about 1 hour north of Sacramento) which range from a full 10 week course to single day affairs.  Definitely worth checking out if you are interested in building saddles or other large scale leather projects.

More info can be found here at Western Leather Academy

Pedrini Saddlebag

Pedrini Bag

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  • alex

    Hi, first of all thanks for all the knowledge you spread to others! It’s invaluable information specially for beginners like myself! I was wondering if you know of any courses on fine leather working in southern California or even central California? I want to make fine leather handbags and on top of books I also want to try a hands on course to learn faster. Any recommendations?


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