Curved Leather Sewing Awl 40mm


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Diamond Shaped Curved Leather Sewing Awl

Curved awls are useful for sewing round items or other situations where you need to sew two pieces of leather together side by side. Vergez-Blanchard sewing awls for hand sewing leather are one of the sharpest available. These leather stitching awls are made of high grade tool steel and maintain their sharpness over long periods of hand sewing leather.

Unlike other sewing awl handles which are round, these awls have two flats sides which aids in holding the tool at a consistent angle.  This will help you to produce more consistent stitches for a more uniform and professional look.  We chose this size awl to compliment our pricking iron stitch sizes.  Imported from France.

Alene Courbe 040 mm Emmanchee

3.2cm blade length
2.5mm diameter
11.5cm overall length

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in