Double Creaser Kit

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We’re offering electric edge creasers configured with either a single or a double transformer. You can also customize other aspects of the overall configuration to meet your needs, including a larger heating iron, different sized creases, and a polishing iron.

The base creaser set is composed of the following components:

1x Transformer
1x Corded Handle
1x Handle Rest


The transformer provides power for one iron and includes temperature control to match the output precisely to the material you are using. You can choose from a one-handle transformer or a two-handle transformer. Both have temperature control and come in either 110V (USA & Canada) or 220V (Europe).

Note: For using a 220V machine in the US, you can use a step up transformer.

The two-handle version of the transformer has a more advanced power regulator and allows you to independently control both handle temperatures. Having two handles allows you to switch between different irons and accessories instead of having to wait until the iron cools down to switch them. The two-handle version is also useful when you’re working as part of a team.

Corded Handle

This corded handle houses the iron and transfers power to the iron to heat it. It is sturdily built and long enough that you can use your shoulder to guide and push it over tough material. You can choose from a straight handle, straight handle with a slight inset curve towards the bottom of the base or a shorter cork-padded handle. All of our irons and accessories fit with every corded handle, so you can switch between multiple irons with one handle.

Handle Rest

This is a cradle to hold the handle when repositioning your piece and while the iron cools or heats.

Additional Options and Accessories

Interchangeable Creasing Irons

FN Irons

The F series irons have two edges – one that rides on the side of your leather edge, and one that rides on the top of the leather. The iron heats the wax and paint on the leather’s edge, creating a smooth and even surface. It also creates a small decorative line on the top of the leather. We carry FN1, F1.5, FN2, and FN3. The numbers correspond to the distance in millimeters between the two edges.

FN1 (0.5mm)
F1.5 (1.0mm)
FN2 (1.5mm) – the most popular size
FN3 (2.5mm)

FC Irons

A subset of the F series irons, the FC irons are shorter. The short surface area makes it easier to go around curves and crease smaller lengths of leather. We carry FC1, FC2, and FC3.

FN MCR Irons

Another subset of the F series irons, the FN MCR irons have a fully round shape to create an additional way of doing curved edges and round corners. We carry FN2 MCR

S Irons

The S series irons are an alternative to the F series. Instead of two edges, the S irons have just one edge. You can create additional decorative lines on top of the leather with an S iron. You can also heat treat just the edge of your leather pieces and without the top line that you would get with the F irons. S irons are numbered according to the width of the single edge; the lower the number the thinner the edge width. We carry S0.5, S1 and S2 Irons.

Heating Palette

This is a larger iron for smoothing edges and surfaces. It is especially useful for thicker leather.

Polishing Iron

As the name implies, this iron is used for polishing leather surfaces and edges.

Wax Spatula

The wax spatula is a more specialized tool for working with waxed surfaces.

Watch Strap Iron

Traditionally this iron serves to smooth out the hold where a strap attaches to a watch. You can also use it to heat edges in hard-to-reach places like belt holes and other punched cuts.

Brand Post

Use your own brand with our creaser to mark your work. The brand’s maximum dimensions: 38mm long, 38mm wide 12mm deep. You will need to drill an M5-sized hole with an 0.8mm thread pitch approximately 8mm deep.

Iron Rest

This iron rest holds up to seven irons when they’re not in use.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 in