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Normally when working with oilier leather like Chromexcel, cordovan or oil-tanned leather, glue bonds come apart more easily. By using this hardener with Aquilim 315 or GL, you can create stronger bonds with oily or greasy leather. This hardener also increases the glue’s temperature resistance to over 170°. A useful property when working with leather that needs to hold up to more extreme environments.


For best results, mix four to eight percent of hardener to your glue. Example: Add five to ten ml of hardener to a 118ml (4oz) bottle of Aquilim 315. Mixing in hardener shortens the open time of glue by 30-50%.

Storing Hardener

Unlike the glues, pure hardener is flammable so take precautions when storing and using. Store it in the original container in a cool, well-ventilated place. Keep the container tightly closed. Recommended storage temperature: 59 – 86 °F (15-30 °C)

Better, Safer Adhesives

Our adhesives are a reliable water-based alternative to solvent-based glues. They provide similar bonding strength without the flammability and odors that come with regular leatherworking glues. We find these glues safer and easy to work with.

Our selection of glues is manufactured for us by Renia, a German company producing adhesives since 1930. Three generations of glue makers have perfected the offerings which they provide today. What we love about working with Renia is their commitment to continually refining and perfecting adhesives for leather production and their vast knowledge of their products, how they work and how best to use them.

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