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The stitching clam is an essential part of the traditional european method of hand sewing leather. Properly used, it makes saddle stitch sewing is faster, easier and the resulting stitches more accurate and visually appealing. Stitching clams are also known as sewing clams, stitching clamps, saddler’s clam and saddler’s clamps.

In a seated position you cradle the clam in your lap with the jaws resting on the opposite thigh of your dominant hand. The other leg rests on top of the clam, closing the jaws. This creates a vise to hold your leather piece in place and at a good angle as you sew. Since it is cradled with your legs it frees up both hands to do a more efficient saddle stitch for leather. You can alternately hold them more upright or even clamp them to a bench for better visibility.

The jaws are very long making it easy to hold bigger items such as bags in place without folding or rolling the leather. These clams also have an angled foot which helps to stabilized it as it sits on an angle.

There is a foldable hinge in the middle of the clam making it very easy to transport and store. Interlocking finger joints help keep the clam stable and solid when extended.

These particular clamps are gorgeously well made in France. Composed of French Ash and two solid arms or jaws with a foldable lower foot. You can also cut these clams down to shorten to your fit.

Pince a Coudre
Solid French Ash Construction
1.08 meters long (about 3.5 feet)

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Dimensions 55 × 4 × 4 in