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Made with meticulous care, Au Chinois Câblé linen (corded linen) from Ets Toulemonde is twisted linen which is assembled a second time, moistened and re-twisted. This moistening prevents the linen fibres from distorting. Cabling increases the resistance, giving a nicely rounded thread generally used in luxury leather goods and is great for just about any leatherworking project.


What’s the difference between Câblé linen, Lin Retors Extra, Lin Retors, etc.?
All of the corded linen lines are great products, each have been perfected to different sewing applications.
Lin Retors often comes in small sewing thread capsules and is a single twisted thread used for embroidery and cloth sewing.
Lin Retors Extra is the next step up- three strands twisted and then retwisted for extra smoothness and durability.
Lin Câblé is yet a another step up from that, in that it is moistened and smoothed for even more strength and durability.

Which size is best for me?
832, the thinnest thread is best for really small work.  Watch bands, 12+ stitches/inch type projects.
632 (fine) is also used for small or delicate looking work
532 and 432 (medium and thick) are for regular size projects from wallets to medium bags
332 (thickest) is for larger work


Which sizes do you stock?

We currently stock three thicknesses.

0.77mm thread diameter, approximately 133 meters

0.63mm thread diameter, approximately 200 meters

0.51mm thread diameter, approximately 285 meters
Each are presented on large 50 gram spools (hence length varies by thickness).
The 3 addtional thicknesses (332 extra thick, 632 fine, 832 very fine) are available by special order along with all 30 colors.

Color: Royal Blue (Roy)

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