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If you are looking to combine the strength and appearance of hand sewing with the speed and consistency of machine sewing, our new polycotton Special Maroquinerie Threads will help to make that happen for you.

While hand sewing is always a great option, using a sewing machine can be incredibly useful for production runs and larger products. One challenge with using a sewing machine is finding quality thread that is of the same caliber as handsewing thread. Another challenge that I’ve encountered is finding matching hand sewing and machine threads. Often people will pick one or the other and use one thread where you really need two.

We’re pleased to offer these polyester cotton blend threads are dyed using the same colors as select Au Chinois Câblé linen threads, allowing makers to use both for one project. Not only are these threads the same color as our linen thread, they also have the same thickness.


Our initial offering of 28/4 polycotton blend thread is 0.51mm thick, which matches our size 632 linen thread and is a close match to our size 532 thread.

This resilient machine sewing thread features a polyester base with a blend of cotton fiber. It is assembled from four strands of thread and Z-twisted (left twisted) optimizing it for use in a single needle sewing machine.

This thread is dyed to match select Fil Au Chinois Câblé linen thread colors and then coated with a protective layer of natural beeswax by passing it through a starch bath. The amount of wax is optimized for machine sewing so as not to gum up your machine. The waxing helps keep the integrity of the thread and reduce friction for smoother machine operation.

After waxing, the thread is brushed with horsehair and stretched, resulting in a durable thread that can be used in tight stitches to more easily create a repeatable high-end look for your production or complex leather projects.


Rouge Special Maroquinerie Fil Au Chinois Câblé
Red polyester-cotton thread size: NM 28/4
Presented on a large sewing machine thread spool
Weight: 250g
Length: ~1,750 meters
Entirely manufactured in France

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in
Polycotton Thread Weight

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