Straight Pull Zipper Slider Size #5: Nickel


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Straight Pull Zipper Slider Size #5: Nickel for constructing handbags and other leather goods

Sold by the yard (3 feet / ~ 0.9 meters)
Stops and pulls sold separately.

Zippers are something you usually don’t notice until they give you trouble. We all have had zippers that break on us, get jammed and won’t close or unintentionally separate. The first thing I noticed about these zipper was their smooth action. They easily glide open and shut without any yanking or force. I’ve had no problems in the long time I’ve been using them on projects and in teaching courses.

The other feature I love about them is that they are two-way sliding. You can install a slider going in either direction and they still open smoothly. Many other zippers, even high-end ones, don’t feature this unless you specifically request to have symmetrical teeth to open both ways.

We have a selection of colors available that match our popular Waxed Linen Threads and MBT Polyester Thread.

Two-Way Sliding Zippers

Size #5
Teeth width: 6.2 mm / ~0.25 inches
Tape width: 31mm / 1.22 inches

Note: These zippers are sold by the yard (3 feet / ~ 0.9 meters). For multiple continuous yards, simply increase the quantity in your cart e.g. quantity 2 equals 2 yards.

Hardware like pulls and stops are sold separately so you can build the exact zipper that you need.

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Weight 4 oz
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