Supersew MBT Polyester Sewing Thread for Leather

A new in-bonded polyester sewing thread for hand-sewing and machine sewing leather.

Produced by 100-year-old company, Nagai Yoriito, Supersew MBT combines the features of their other products into an affordable synthetic thread that is brilliant in look, durable and comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Four Sizes to Fit Your Needs

We’re offering these threads in four different sizes, similar to our waxed linen thread. So whether you are using 9, 7 or 12spi, there’s a thread size that will work for your project. You can also mix thicknesses and not have to worry about them matching color.

Polyester Thread Size #1: Black
Polyester Thread Size #1: Mango

100 Meter Spools
Perfect to Try

Need that perfect shade of green for a custom piece? Now you don’t have to buy a big 1200 meter spool to complete just one job. We’re initially offering these threads in 100 meter spools. It’s a great size to try them out and quickly amass a range of colors to expand your own product offerings or personal collection.

Refine Your Search below to select your size and then choose from a large range of 70 colors.

Now Available in Large Spools

If you already know what you want and want a lot of it, we now have large spools of Supersew MBT available in our most popular sizes and colors.

253 TEX | 0.9mm
168 TEX | 0.6mm
100 TEX | 0.45mm
77.5 TEX | 0.3mm Note: most US polyester thread sizes go by TEX. e.g. 100 TEX = #100.