CR Fashionbook- Anatomy of a Bag: Reed Krakoff

This week’s Pinterest Post is on a teardown of a Reed Krakoff bag. It’s really interesting to me how each company lays out their bags for production. Most document the details on their patterns; something I often do too. I like see how they organize each piece, what aspects are essential to include such as the orientation of the scales.

8 replies on “CR Fashionbook- Anatomy of a Bag: Reed Krakoff

  • Austin

    Where do craftsmen like this get their hardware from? I have looked all over the internet, but can turn up any wholesale high quality hardware stores, like gold/silver plated items

    • Fine Leather

      Hi Austin. Unfortunately, we don’t have a recommended resource for hardware at this time. Please let us know if you find something that’s worth sharing!

  • Paul Fellowes

    @Austin- Unfortunately, this kind of hardware is not available for the general buying public. Leather fairs like Lineapelle in Europe for people in the industry usually have people dealing in hardware accessories. They sell in bulk and take customized design orders far in excess of what most keen amateurs could afford.


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