Kids Hard at Play

Have you ever wondered if your kids would enjoy leatherworking as much as you do? Last week, one of our readers emailed us and happened to mention that she homeschools her three kids, and includes leatherworking as a part of the curriculum.

In searching around on the internet to see if others were doing the same, I came across a few examples of leatherworking classes that were designed specifically for kids. I didn’t do leatherworking as a kid, but I imagine many of you did. These classes remind me, especially now that I have a young daughter, of exposing kids to new things early.

Have your children expressed an interest in your leatherworking hobby? Let us hear your story by submitting a comment below!

8 replies on “Kids Hard at Play

  • Nathan

    I have two kids who are old enough to play with leather tools – 5 and 3. They love it. I have to keep them away from the sharp tools, but they’re more than content to bang on stamps, “dye” leather with water (it changes color when it gets wet), or glue things together. My oldest has even learned some basic stitching. It slows down my work, and sometimes requires a lot of patience, but it’s awesome “project time” with my boys. They’ll probably be better leather workers by their teens than I am at 40.

    • Fine Leather

      Thanks for chiming in, Nathan. I can imagine that it takes a bit of patience to “play” when trying to get some serious work done, but that sounds like an incredible way to spend time with your kids! I’m sure they love their dad time in the workshop. =)

  • Peter Madson

    I personally “justified” the financial and time investment of getting into leather working by offering it as a course for three of my children that we homeschool (ages 12, 15 & 17 when they started). It has been a great experience for all of us. The work they are producing is quite impressive given that they are beginners and are being taught by another beginner. I’d love to be able to share some pics of the wallets, belts, etc…

  • Betty

    I’ll be teaching my son very soon. He’s only 5 (nearly 6) but with excellent fine motor skills. I’m thinking simple little things like key rings, tassels and simple folded card holders made with rivets. Then we can move onto more difficult things. He’s going to outclass me so fast and I’m really excited by that.


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