More Readers’ Leatherworking Spaces

A while back we posted on examples on how to set up your leatherworking space to work cleaner, faster and easier. Many of our readers sent us examples of their workspaces which inspired even more of you to show your examples. Below are a few more highlights of what we’ve collected. I’m still impressed with the variety of workspaces whether is a tooling dream setup or a highly mobile case.

John Clark

John Clark

Peter Main


Leather storage (6″ cardboard tubes)

Leather Storage

Claes Dorthé – Wandering Workshop







Faisal PesaKRAF



6 replies on “More Readers’ Leatherworking Spaces

  • Fine Leatherworking

    Peter emailed us a photo of his leather storage. He uses 6″ cardboard tubes.

    Thanks for sending in the updated photo Peter!

  • Valerie

    I would love to see more examples of how people store their leather. I folded mine according to a video that showed how to fold leather in a way that minimizes creases but since I have many hides stacked I’m not confident that this is the best way. I don’t have the space for the rolls as depicted in the example.


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