Pinterest Highlights – Briefcases and Business Accessories

I put together a few examples of Briefcases and Business Accessories for you for this week’s Pinterest post. These two project types can be really hard to design for because people tend to be conservative with what they ultimately choose. Sometimes you’re choosing between seemingly insignificant details. The sum of those details however is what can really distinguish your work from others and can mean the difference between a customer’s happiness or dissatisfaction. Look at the difference between the first pen case and the last to see what I mean.


Business Accessories

12 replies on “Pinterest Highlights – Briefcases and Business Accessories

  • Delfin Estanislao

    Just like Sarita, I need a pattern to start with. The one that is shown here. Any project. Where can I find those patterns ?


  • Antonio Chevella

    Same as the above; I want a pattern for the top briefcase. Everything is first class.

  • Mike

    I have made several of that style of briefcase in the past…
    Not too difficult to make…
    I don’t have pattern per say. But I do have a order for one that I will be starting in the next month or so.
    Sometimes I do a single handle, sometimes a double. Just depends what people want. Usually the inside has two dividers in them. Again depends what people want, usually two div. sometimes one and sometimes none.there usually is pen slots,bus card holders, cell phone pocket etc on at least one of the dividers…

    • Fine Leather

      I’d love to see your work, Mike! Send us an email with some photos if you’d like to share. Thanks for reading!


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