The Life and Work of a Master Bush Craftsman

Today’s post is a story of a master bush craftsman, Doug Kite, who recently celebrated his 92nd birthday by donating the best of his life’s leatherwork to the Museum of Victoria collections.

Although humble and modest in nature, Doug’s leather plaiting and braiding work is sought out by admirers and collectors around the world. His style is uniquely his own and clearly reflects his love for the South Australian outback. Here’s a video about Doug as recently presented by ABC news:

For more information, click here to see a full transcript of the video on the ABC news website. Additionally, you can visit the online database of the Museum of Victoria for more detail on Doug and a collection of the pieces he donated.

8 replies on “The Life and Work of a Master Bush Craftsman

  • Delfin Estanislao

    Very inspiring video. Undoubtedly Doug had done nobody had done. Just wish there is book that can describe how to braid the Dough way,

  • Paul

    What great work. Watching this interview will make it even more special if I get the chance to see his work on display in Melbourne.
    Just a quick tip for readers viewing this on iPads that cannot see the video in safari. There is a great app that called Puffin browser that displays this blog beautifully and enables the video to be played seamlessly.

    • Fine Leather

      Did you get a chance to see his work while in Melbourne, Paul? We’d love to hear what you thought if so.

    • Fine Leather

      That’s a real honor! I’m glad that those who were close to him feel as strongly as the general community. That says a lot about him and his work.


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