Video: A History of Tools for the Trade

Today’s post is an educational video sent to us by one of our community members that highlights a little piece of leatherworking history. Specifically, it goes into some detail about the tools and techniques that have traditionally been used in making a dog collar. Many of these techniques will be familiar to you. Many of the tools are still available in their original form today.

I love this video because it really gives a lot of perspective on just how far we’ve come in leatherworking. Some tools and techniques have stood the test of time, whereas it’s also clear that we now benefit from having access to better materials and the added knowledge of generations of new artisans and craftsman.

How long have you been doing leatherworking? Are you an old hand that has stories/insight from ‘way back when’ that you’d like to share with the community? We’d love to hear from you!

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10 replies on “Video: A History of Tools for the Trade

  • Jim

    I loved the video. Thank you very much. I couldn’t understand what the name of the ring looking tool that she was using when stitching .Do they still Make them?

    • Marco Sandoval

      Hi Jim,
      It’s called a “Hockle.” I doubt very much that it’s still made, at least in a finger ring style. If protecting your hand is your goal, C. S. Osbourne makes a hand glove that has a metal disc sewn into the palm to push the needle through the leather.

  • Marcelo

    Hola desde Uruguay. Hermosas herramientas , en nuestro país no se consigue herramientas de esa calidad. Saludos

    • Fine Leather

      Thanks for reading our post, Marcelo! Know that we would be happy to ship tools to you to Uruguay if there is something specific that you wanted. Have a great day!

  • Evelyn

    Brilliant video. Enjoyed watching the whole process. As a newcomer to leatherwork, it was great to see all the tools in use. Keep up all these really interesting videos. I like to watching them to learn all about these wonderful skills in action.

  • Brian Lacy

    I pick up more watching someone than by reading a book……I always see something to help me along my journey in leather………PLEASE keep these type of videos coming……Thanks


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