Video: How to Make a Simple Leather Wallet

Nigel Armitage is an often mentioned figure in the leatherworking world that regularly pops up in casual conversation, both amongst lay practitioners and professionals alike. Not only has almost everyone heard of him, but almost everyone has learned from him. In our day-to-day operations, his name gets mentioned often, and with good reason.

Nigel provides a great wealth of knowledge to would-be professional leather-goods makers around the world, both through his business and via his popular Youtube channel. He’s been teaching and making leather goods in the East Staffordshire area of England for almost 30 years and continues to shape the landscape of the leatherworking industry in the UK and beyond.

In preparation for our wallet course intensive, I wanted to share this video from Nigel, which serves as a great precursor to our in-person course. As usual, Nigel’s attention to detail and ability to instruct are superb.

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