Videos: Making Watch Straps

This is a fairly detailed video by shows the Hermes watch strap making process. It takes you on a journey from clicking out the leather all the way to sewing, edging and final fitting.

Part One

Part Two

6 replies on “Videos: Making Watch Straps

    • Fine Leather

      Good to hear, Kulley! It’s far better to take your time and perfect your work than rush through everything and skip the finer details. Glad this could be of some inspiration.

  • Clarence Baptiste

    Thanks Dave for sharing these videos with me. It is amazing to see the amount of effort that goes into the careful details of the watch straps. It makes me realize how much work I still have to do, at refining my skills in fine leather crafting.

    • Fine Leather

      There is always room for improvement, Clarence! And the finer details is where things really start getting fun =)

  • Matt Hooks

    I just finished up my very first watch strap and I’m super happy with it! Certainly some lessons were learned and I made mistakes, but over all, I’m happy.


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