Videos: Design with Yourself in Mind

Today’s post is a pair of videos that inspired me to think more about how important it is to bring our own individual tastes, talents and gifts to our leatherworking projects. For those of us who own our own leatherworking businesses, we’ve all heard things like:

  • “It’s important to keep the customer in mind at all times.”
  • “We have to design and create what we know is going to sell.”
  • “Create supply where there is a demand.”

There is a lot of truth in statements like this, but in watching these videos I’m reminded of how important it is to create pieces that also reflect our own taste and love for the craft.

In watching the first video from 174 Leatherworks, I was immediately inspired by Jess’s drive to honor his brother’s memory through his leather work. It led me to think about questions like:

  • What is the deeper meaning behind our work and what we do?
  • At the end of the day, what impact does leatherworking have on our lives?

The second video, from Hand and Sew Leather Goods, is all about smart design and finding ways to improve upon old standards. Sure, it’s a good idea to follow well-established traditions and techniques while first starting out, but once we’ve gained some ground with our ability, what can we do to improve upon the methods we’ve been taught?

In the video, Steven hits upon the importance of designing according to your own needs and wants. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the market, work out a way to make it yourself and improve upon an existing design. Chances are, if it’s something you find useful, someone else will too.

If we’re always creating with someone else in mind, our unique vision and talent will never have a chance to shine through in our work. Do you incorporate your own style into your work? How do you balance your style with what seems popular?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!

174 Leatherworks

Hand and Sew Leather

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