Videos: Following Your Leatherworking Passion

Today’s post is a collection of two videos. The first is an inspirational video from Jan den Hartogh of Duke & Sons Leather. Jan used to spend all day sitting behind a computer and started to feel like something important was missing from his life. As a result, he decided to take up leatherworking and has never looked back.

The second video, from Will Leather Goods, is an equally inspiring take on the nature of inspiration and the unique ways that we can find ideas for leatherworking projects.

What I love about stories like these is how people sometimes take the more seemingly difficult path. Jan for example was the son of a banker and could have easily followed his father into this profession. Instead he chose the less predictable option and, judging by happy look on his face as he rides that motorcycle, he is happy with where things led him.

If you don’t like what you do, it makes giving up much more easy. Following your desire won’t make you a great designer. But it can help you to overcome the inevitable challenges that come up as a leather goods maker.

Duke & Sons Leather


Will Leather Goods

9 replies on “Videos: Following Your Leatherworking Passion

    • Brian VanOrder

      I took a class in leather carving many months ago that I really enjoyed. The instructor told me that I was very good at it and was surprised that I had never done it before. I purchased some items for tooling and sewing but that is where it stopped. After watching your video my interest is renewed. I need to do this and I need to quit stopping myself. Thank you for the video.

      • Jan den Hartogh

        Thanks Brian,
        Get inspired by the things you love and try to make things that are ‘you’ to stand out. Keep practicing… it is just a matter of doing 😉
        All the best for 2017.

        gr. Jan

    • Alan Smith

      Jan, thank you for your video, it was very inspiring. So much so, that I bought an old singer sewing machine (25K58) and started making some handbags. Some are failures of course, but I have to learn the hard way as I cannot use someone else’s experience. The bags are getting better and better now and I am getting happier with the work I am doing. One of these days…………


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