Videos: Making Alfred Dunhill and Ferragamo Cases

Watching established companies make their wares is a great source of inspiration and a glimpse into traditional techniques and methods.

Making a Traditional Double Document Case

Alfred Dunhill posted this video showcasing their Double Document Case which includes a peek into how it is made. The brushing throughout the video reminds me to work clean not only on my workbench but also keep my leather surfaces clean.

The Salvatore Ferragamo bag, a masterpiece of craftsmanship

The speed at which the first guy hand cuts his pattern is breathtaking. I also love both the speed and precision of the second woman’s application of glue and smoothing it down.

4 replies on “Videos: Making Alfred Dunhill and Ferragamo Cases

  • Yoanne

    Hi. Thank you for sharing the great videos. At 1″21 of the the Salvatore Ferragamo bag video, something like a soft handle pad is shown. May I know the name of it and what it is made of? Is it available in tool shops or should it be made by one own self like a mould? Thank you very much.

    • Fine Leather

      Thanks for watching, Yoanne!Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of inside information on exactly what tools and materials they’re using, but I’m just as curious as you are.

  • Barbara Brodsky

    Thanks for sharing this. After viewing it a couple of times have a few questions:
    In the briefcase video what was the brush quality that he used to go over the leather with before he cut his pattern? And what was the purpose of using it? Also thought it was interesting on the round handle that he trimmed after he hand sewed it.
    Thanks for your continued effort in teaching/sharing with your community.

    • Fine Leather

      Hi Barbara. It looks like it could be a long-bristle horse hair cleaning brush, which are commonly used to clean up a hide, especially if it’s been in storage for a while. Thanks for watching our videos! We learn a lot in seeing them too.


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