Videos: Making Leather Gloves

When I think of leatherworking today, I mostly think about bags, shoes and wallets. I had never considered making gloves but after watching several videos on the subject, it got me intrigued. I rounded up a few of my favorites and posted them below.

Gantier – Glove Maker

While browsing for other leatherworking videos, this is the one that first caught my attention. I was mesmerized by how efficiently this glove maker broke down the hide and cut the pieces. Gloves stretch to fit the hand and I never thought about how the direction and amount of stretch in a supple hide would determine where to cut out your piece.

Dents Gloves

I did some more digging and found this very nice walkthrough of a glove shop that has been in operation since 1777. In this video, watch how easily a 44 year sewing veteran tears through sewing a pair of gloves. It was an interesting bit about the history of gloves and how they were once an essential accessory for every gentleman and lady walking about town.


This Hungarian video shows more details in how a glove passes from one person to another during the manufacturing process. In this shop, much like Dents, workers are specialized into a very specific part of the process. There are sewers, finishers and even clickers who only punch out the holes for driving gloves.

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