Videos: The Art of Fine Precision

Today’s post is a collection of two videos from two very talented and well-respected English leatherworking companies. The first, from Equus Leather, is a perfect example of how deliberate, sustained attention and an eye for detail create a beautiful finished piece. Just notice the focus and precision that the artisan brings to skiiving, creasing and painting his edges. It’s a real joy to watch.

The second video is from a company called GDH Leather Courses and demonstrates equally as much in the way of fine precision, but in just one small piece of the leatherworking process: measuring and preparing your thread for sewing. To me, watching her serves as a reminder that every part of the construction process deserves equally as much care, planning and exactness as any other.

Equus Leather

GDH Leather Courses

8 replies on “Videos: The Art of Fine Precision

  • denys hilde

    wow, the Equus leather video is so magnificent, the way he handles his tools, the leather, it is rather ballet than working. It encourages me to go on!

    The Leather Courses video was very instructive, learned a lot!

    • Fine Leather

      Thanks for your input, Denys! We felt the same way. The undivided attention that he gives to his work is really incredible.

      And great to hear that you got something out of the video on preparing the thread. Sometimes, just mastering the essentials in minute detail can really make an impact on the final quality of the piece.

  • hilde denys

    I loved the making of the wallet, the movements of his hands…. It would be lovely if we could have a list and pictures of the tools he is using! Then I would learn a lot more.
    Too bad the Leather Courses Britain isn’t available for the moment. I hope it will be later.

    Thank you for showing us.


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